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 TCSS Spy Guide

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Jacob Hanson

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PostSubject: TCSS Spy Guide   TCSS Spy Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2014 8:40 am

I will extrapolate on this more, In the mean time its some useful information.

Offensive Spy Operations: 

Many times through my time here on planet bob, I have thrown down 100M on spies alone. It isnt to hard to invest a butt ton of money into these little havoc makers. Properly using spies will win you a war. Just don’t cripple your nation’s war chest in the process. You can conduct 3 offensive operations a day, that can amount to 5-10M of your personal money spent a day. They get really pricey. When you can spend 2M to deystroy 10M of someone elses warchest it balances out though. Just keep this in mind, that means you can easily spend 50M in one round just spying on people… You can see how none of these minimums have this factored in?

Do remember, If you want spies. Get them long before an actual war starts; Also plan on tacking on 50M+ to your warchest for offensive spy operations. 

There are three uses of spies that are most effective in war time.

  • Changing DEFCON/Threat level. 
    This one is obvious, it makes your spying and battle efforts more successful.

  • Economic Warfare * Recommended *
    Destroying Money to cripple there war chest can quickly take your opponent out of the fight. 

  • Destroying Nuclear Weapons
    Arguable the most useful, use these to render your nuclear opponents useless.

Causalities in the defense of friends: Number of Soldiers Lost: 143,294 Attacking + 240,480 Defending = 383,774 Casualties

Friends > Infra :v

Of Course I named my nukes...
TCSS Spy Guide Nuke Saint Anthony TCSS Spy Guide Nuke Hope
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TCSS Spy Guide
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