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 TCSS Warchesting Guidelines

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PostSubject: TCSS Warchesting Guidelines   TCSS Warchesting Guidelines I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2014 6:22 pm

TCSS Warchesting Guidelines

  • What is a warchest?
  • Influences on your warchest
  • General Warchesting Guidelines
  • Why saving more is important

What is a warchest?:

A war chest is pretty much what it sounds like, in the days of old. Kings would have money in there treasury saved for raising an army, paying soldiers and keeping their country afloat through a war. We will use the warchest for the same principle, keeping our country afloat through a war.

The warchest is basically an amount of cash you NEED to have on hand at all times, basically if I have 117,031,042$ in my nation, and I figure my minimum warchest is 33,000,000 Then I know that the actual cash I have to spend is; 84031042 rather than the initial 117M, because I am keeping cash on hand in the event of a war. The purpose of this is, that you can build as much infrastructure and tech as you want; but it is worthless if you do not have the cash to fund a war. It takes weeks to collect large sums of cash, so just actively keep your warchest in mind when growing.

The warchest is to prevent your nation from becoming “Bill-locked” during a war. Becoming bill locked can cause you to not be able to pay your bills, thus sending your nation into turmoil to the point it will eventually delete because you have not paid bills in 25 days.

This guide will help outline minimums and recommendations for your warchest, and explain to you why we are saving certain amounts of cash for different sized nations. 111

Influences on your warchest:

Nation Strength/Infrastructure level:

The size of your nation (Your daily bills) are the first factor when saving for your warchest. You need to be able to float your nation for at least 10-30 days or 1-3 rounds of full scale war. This can be very difficult, especially for smaller nations. Which is why our minimum recommendations for small nations are rather low, if you are below 10K NS and we go to war, contact alliance government for some aid. Do recall that all of these recommendations are MINIMUM’s they will keep you alive for about a round. You can keep yourself in the game by winning ground assaults against your opponents though; as you get larger this will not cut it.

Nuclear Weapons:
First off, The last thing you ever want to do is collect taxes while under nuclear anarchy. It literally cuts your nations income to 1/10th of your original collection. Its ridiculous. If you want to cripple someone spy away all their money and keep nuking.

Secondly, Nuclear weapons are expensive and you can only buy one per day or two per day with a WRC. Keep this in mind when planning your warchest. You want to constantly be replacing your nukes while at war (so you can keep chucking them). They can be expensive so plan on buying them while you have 15+ (the price scales off of how many you own + base price).

Offensive Spy Operations:

Many times through my time here on planet bob, I have thrown down 100M on spies alone. It isnt to hard to invest a butt ton of money into these little havoc makers. Properly using spies will win you a war. Just don’t cripple your nation’s war chest in the process. You can conduct 3 offensive operations a day, that can amount to 5-10M of your personal money spent a day. They get really pricey. When you can spend 2M to deystroy 10M of someone elses warchest it balances out though. Just keep this in mind, that means you can easily spend 50M in one round just spying on people… You can see how none of these minimums have this factored in?

Do remember, If you want spies. Get them long before an actual war starts; Also plan on tacking on 50M+ to your warchest for offensive spy operations.

General Warchesting Guidelines

0-5K Nation Strength (Roughly 1K infra range) - 10 days of bills; This is because you will not need to purchase Aircraft, spies or nuclear weapons. Those would tap your warchest instantly and leave you high and dry by the second day.

5K-10K Nation Strength (Roughly 2k Infra Range) - 20 days of bills; At this level you will need to afford cruise missiles and Aircraft. Spies should not be a priority as they are still much to expensive to upkeep on such a limited war chest.

10K-20K Nation Strength (Roughly 3K-4k infra range) - 30 Days of Bills; At this level you will start to run into everything. Hopefully you won’t face a nuclear capable nation as that will heavily tax your warchest (Nukes destroy a majority of your air force, tanks and all of your soldiers this is very expensive to replace). At this point to you may be Guerilla Camp swapping, which means you can not collect taxes (which you shouldn’t be while at war). Anyways, More expensive aircraft, Cruise missiles and a need to replace more soldiers/tanks will allow these minimum requirements to be useful for a time.

Nuclear Equipped nations above 15K Nation Strength - 50 Days of Bills(Basically, add +20 days of bills if you own nukes) ; Lets not kid ourselves. If you have nukes you want to use them as much as possible. Sitting back, watching the world glow is the entire reason you bought them right? First off, if you face a nuclear capable opponent you know you’re gonna need to constantly be rebuying your military. Nukes also cost about 1M each, so that could double your daily expenses easily. Keeping this little bit of extra cash on hand can allow you to have the cash to SMASH your opponents, its just a race to who cleans up the others money first. At this point it may be a good idea to at least have spies to protect your nukes and cash reserves. If you have the spies on hand, you can also conduct offensive operations against enemy nations (destroy Cash, destroy nuclear weapons) These cost a lot of money though, at that point I would recommend adding at least another 25 days worth of bills onto your warchest.

Nations above 20K Nation Strength -  50 Days of Bills; At this point. The nukes will start flying, You will most likely get spied on one way or another and you need to plan on being able to quickly mend the holes in your military to reduce your loses. You also need to be able to conduct offensive operations against your enemies. 50 days is a true minimum.

Nations above 35K Nation Strength - 80 Days of bills, 120 with a WRC; WRC’s make everything do more damage but make your military cost a little bit more. It’s honestly worth it but it also means you have to plan on the extra expenditures. Around this strength you should also have a CIA and max spies; this is not factored into the warchesting guidelines. All of these will help keep oyur nation in the fight and kicking ass.

Nations above 60K Nation Strength - 150 days of Bills, 225 with a WRC; Same premise as before nations with the WRC will need a tad more money, and honestly be kicking much more ass. At this point, be prepared to complete with warchests larger than 2 Billion. Remember that at this point, its a nuke hurling contest. Be prepared to throw down lots of money constantly rebuilding your military and striking the inauthentics with mobutus fist.

Why Saving is Important:

I want to reiterate for a second, the fact that these are all MINIMUMS. They are an allotted amount of money you want to keep your surplus cash above at all times; because you never know when war is looming. Being caught with your pants down is not only embarrassing, but can also end all of the hard work and time you’ve spent building your nation.

Also the larger your warchest is, the more of a chance you have some of it left over after a war. The more money you have left over is more infrastructure you can buy after the war to get your nation back to the point of its previous grandeur. I know larger nations that have a 2 Bill + warchest and will buy back to 5K infra after hitting ZI; purely because they had so much saved up money. Your warchest should ideally be a rebuilding fund as well.
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TCSS Warchesting Guidelines
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