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 Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo

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Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo Empty
PostSubject: Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo   Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2014 4:52 pm

Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo
I. Treaties
II. Wars
III. Foreign Affairs
IV. Planet Bob Lingo
V.  Misc.

I. Treaties

NAP - Non Aggression Pact - States that two alliances agree to not agree in any aggressive action against each other. A very dead treaty style, generally a clause added to any treaty including surrender terms.

PIAT - Peace, Intelligence ,And Trust - Sometimes used to open foreign relations with a more cautious alliance. Allows you to start sharing information around the cyberverse and get the gossip from an alliance who is more connected.

ODP - Optional Defense Pact - The signatory alliances retain the right to defend each other, but are not obligated to.

ODoAP - Optional Defends or Aggression Pact - The signatory alliances retain the right to defend or declare war on each others enemies, they are not obligated to. These can be very useful in an alliance war, allowing the alliance to stay out of the fight until all treaties have come into play. Then they can in turn declare war on alliances that we need help with.

MDP - Mutual Defense Pact - Both signatory alliances are obligated to defend each other.

MDOAP - Mutual Defense; Optional Aggression Pact - Both signatory alliances are obligated to defend each other; they also retain the right to go to war with one another.

MDAP - Mutual Defends and Agression Pact - “You get into shit, we got you; We get in shit you got us.” The MDAP is only to be signed amongst the strongest of friends.Very few MDAP’s have existed in the past, but they have resulted in extremely strong blocs being created on Planet Bob.

Treaty Bloc - A treaty bloc can simply be an Economic PIAT or it can be a military based bloc written as a MDAP/MDoAP. The most important concept of a bloc is that it is a group of alliances, not two individual signatories.  

II. Wars

Rogue - A nation who has attacked another nation without the express permission of his or her government. This can result in you paying reparations, or being ZI’d.

White Peace - Both sides agree to peace and leave it at that. This became popular for a while, mostly after heavy reparations crippled alliances and people wished to do away with Reparations.

Reparations - Reparations are damages paid generally by an aggressor; or the person who loses an alliance war. If you go rogue on a nation there alliance will attack you or demand reparations for your actions. If  you pay reparations no damage will come to you. Alliances can also be held to those standards as well.

Round - Refers to a 7 day period after a war is declared. Wars go in rounds, As they expire after seven days. If a nation is to undergo one round of attacks; They are to go until the wars expire.

Counter Attack - Counter attacks and staggers are closely related. Counter attacks are nations left out of the first wave of attacks to declare wars mid round and assist their fellow citoyens with difficult enemies.

Stagger - The Stagger is a mid round attack with the purpose of keeping the nation from slipping out of war mode. Nations can not enter peace mode if they are in a war, so keeping them staggered will allow you to make them glow all month long!

ZI or Zero Infrastructure - Is when your nation hits the grand number of 0. It kind of means you got your ass kicked. If you really piss of an alliance they may declare that as your punishment. Wars have been started over someone being “ZI’d”. After they hit 0 the attacks are supposed

PZI - Permanent Zero Infrastructure - They are going to continue attacking your nation until you delete and re-roll.
to stop.

EZI - Eternal Zero infrastructure - They are going to continue attacking your nation even if you re-roll. Someone really doesn't like you.

III. Foreign Affairs -

Work in progress, feel free to add input

IV. Planet Bob Lingo

OOC - Out Of Character - This means you are posting as you, not your character. OOC comments can get you in trouble on the CN forums.

IC - In Character - When making posts on the Cyber Nations forums or around zaire you are posting In character, Most of cyber nations is done off game.
V. Misc.

V. Misc.
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Common Cyber Nations Terms and Lingo
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