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 Basic War Guide

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PostSubject: Basic War Guide   Basic War Guide I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2014 4:53 pm

Temporary War Guide - Im writing my own this will have to do for now.

1) Warchesting - Money for war
2) Offensive Operations, Order of Attack
3) Air Warfare
4) Quad Attacks - Useful tactic



Aim for your warchest to be the following number:

- Take your daily bill total and multiply that number by twenty (20). That should be your minimuml warchest amount. Take this seriously. Do NOT spend it, aim for the warchest. If you have a choice between buying infra or tech or saving toward your warchest, ALWAYS save for your warchest. You can buy later. Bottom line here kiddies, if you have a big fat warchest, you can keep fighting during a war for prolonged periods. If you do NOT have a big warchest, your losses will soon become irreplacable, making you become desperate.

Technology means you can buy tanks, cruse missiles, higher levels of aircraft, and it makes your ground forces more effective. If you're a small nation, shoot for a minimum of 30 and a max of 65 tech

Offensive Operations

Without proper offensive operations, it is impossible to win a war. What I will cover in this section, is how to properly perform offensive operations to cripple and kill your opponent.
When attacking an Opponent, always attack in this order.

Declare War
Cruise Missiles
Ground Attacks

Declaring War
Very simple. Find the nations that you wish to declare on, then click the "Declare War" button at the top of their page.

Cruise Missiles
Cruise Missiles are simple to use. Simply select "Cruise Missile" From the drop down menu, and fire two off.

Preform two escorted bombing runs, as detailed below.

Ground Attacks

There are three types of ground attacks. A successful ground attack will enable you to steal money, and technology from your opponent. As well as kill soldiers and tanks, and destroy infrastructure. There are three steps to a successfully attack. all attacks should be made in conjunction with your fire team partners.

* Step One - Deploy.
When attempting to attack, always deploy maximum soldiers without going into anarchy, and ALL your tanks.

* Step Two - Attack.
Successful attacking is actually quite simple. The object of an attack is to "Anarchy" your opponent. This means to reduce their soldiers to such a level as they plunge into anarchy. This accomplishes two things. A) reduces their income. and  Most importantly, stops them from being able to declare wars, makign it easier for us to outmaneuver an enemy alliance.

Always attack on aggressive unless otherwise stated, this is the easiest way to score a victory and cause an anarchy.

Cautious - Lowest chance of Victory, lowest casualties. Modifies victory percentage by +5%

* Step Three - Repurchase

Always repurchase all lost tanks and soldiers after you have finished attacking, they will in turn help defend your nation.

Air Warfare:

You only need about 6 low level bombers to do the maximum amount of damage. Depending on the scaling level of your bombers you can use less and less, at a max level bomber you only need 2. Deploy the rest with fighters in a "Escorted bombing run"

Quad Attacks
The principle of a quad attack is simple. Making your initial attacks just before update, so you can make your next days attacks directly after update, enabling you to get 4 attacks in a row at your opponent, which increases your ability to anarchy. Most attacks on an unanarchied nation will be preformed in this fashion unless otherwise stated.
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Basic War Guide
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